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Astra Zeneca Headquarters Building – Cambridge (England)

Committed to sustainability

Committed to sustainability

Zero-mile strategic commitment

The Majority of the forest fibre used at Egoin production facilities is from KM ZERO Radiata Pine from local forests within a 100 km radius of our plants. This shows our unwavering commitment to sustainable forestry practices, and reducing our carbon impact in everything we do.

We launched our KM ZERO strategy in 2008, which is aimed directly at reducing CO2 emissions in the construction sector, enhancing  the value of local forests, in particular Radiata Pine, as well as other coniferous species. We view that this allows us to deliver a predictable supply of sustainable and competitive structural solutions

We commit to obtaining third party certifications both in the sustainable management of forests, tree harvesting and subsequent use of timber in the construction projects we deliver. Our timber and documentation carries the PEFC logo (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), which provides assurance that we commit to sustainable forestry management and practices. Along with PEFC we can present our EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) supported by European third party compliance and structural verification conformance for our Cross Laminated Timber and Glulam products. 

Catamarán - Alicante

Egoin built this imposing detached home in Alicante with the aid of a team of architects comprising: Daniel Solbes, José Luis Durán, Enrique Soriano and Pep Tornabell.

The project structurally used a lightweight CLT (cross-laminated timber) panelling system, which not only provides insulation and hygroscopic comfort, but also low energy consumption and the long-term flexibility the project sought.

In terms of building effects, the aims can be translated equally in terms of lightweight, dry reversible systems using materials with lowest possible footprint. Without sacrificing comfort, we endeavour to manufacture all the systems in the workshop and later assembled with high precision. Special emphasis is placed on acoustic comfort and airtightness, among other questions where damp solutions are omitted.
The project occupied a built-up area of 533 m2 and used 244 m3 of wood.


The Egoin engineering team comprises of over 25 professionals and has 30 years of expertise in the design, calculation, fabrication, and construction of timber structural solutions, and is one of the leading knowledge hubs for timber engineering in Spain and the south of Europe.

We annually deliver around 200 construction projects using different structural solutions locally in Spain and in other markets. We have an accumulated expertise of over 6,000 structural timber projects.

Our engineering and design teams have extensive expertise in timber construction detailing and engineering calculation using next-generation software in the form of Dlubal, Robot and Cadwork. This enables us to deliver the most appropriate solution to meet the clients?? needs and budget.

Laminated timber

Laminated timber enables structural pieces of any length, width or thickness to be obtained as it??s manufactured by joining pieces of timber together.

This process of joining thin pieces enables an easier drying process thereby preventing the defects of a non-optimal drying.

As this is manufactured timber, different quality plies can be used depending on the strength to be supported in different construction areas.

The finish offered is aesthetically pretty against solutions like chipboard.
It allows the manufacture of curved elements such as large span beams. The arrangement of the pieces which make it up endow it with greater stability, thereby counteracting the natural movement of wood
The weight/strength ratio is less thus enabling the manufacture of lighter pieces while maintaining great structural strength.

Cutting-edge structural timber building for ATHLETIC CLUB sports centre.

Few professional sports clubs are locally as deep-rooted as Athletic Club, a body which has always had local players throughout its history of over 120 years, besides holding onto its strong ties with the environment. In line with this philosophy, LKS Krean Architecture studio has resorted to Egoin timber structural solution to design an attractive warm simple building fully integrated in the environment of Athletic Club??s First Team.