BATH STREET ?? A visually impressive ??new and old? design juxtaposition featuring a 4-storey residential building in Edinburgh. The super structure is built entirely of Mass Timber apart from the main staircase, which is made of steel to comply with Scottish regulations. An additional 90mm Cross Laminated Timber panel was added to the central core of the staircase and acoustic insulation was installed in between. This reduced sound transmission and vibration between the communal vertical circulation areas and the surrounding dwellings and added an extra element of fire resistance. The CLT walls and ceilings were left exposed using 120mm CLT panels and 150mm floor slabs at 3.5m spans and supported on intermediate glue laminated beams. The exterior balcony was fabricated with glue laminated larch which is better suited to exposed environments. 

Vehicle Movement Reduction In many cases Mass Timber will compete with cementitious products. At circa 500kg per m3, CLT and Glulam is around five times lighter than concrete and four times lighter than structural block which typically results in 70-80% more mass volume delivered in every Mass Timber vehicle that goes to site and as an outcome reduces the heavy vehicle deliveries to and from the build location, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the build, the social impact on the local community and alleviating site congestion. Using CLT in this project realised a 19 vehicle site movement reduction when building the superstructure.

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  • Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)
    Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)
  • Km0 Wood
    Km0 Wood


  • Tipo de madera


  • Superficie

    480 m2

  • Volumen

    150 m3

  • Periodo de construcción


Equipo de trabajo

Estudio de arquitectura

Bath Street Collective Custom Build

Urban Splash