Fundación Rosa María Vivar centre has become a prime example of the construction and architectural qualities offered by wood, and how it contributes to improve the quality of life of people, and in particular, of such a vulnerable group as people with Alzheimer??s disease.

Since the onset, GCA Architects sought to design facilities to be perfectly adapted to users?? needs, and yet move away from the traditional image of a clinic or home for the elderly which is often associated with day centres.

Thanks to a combination of solutions comprising Egoin??s CLT and laminated beams, the architects achieved a warm, sustainable centre offering large spaces and great flows of natural light in a natural environment surrounded by gardens. The premises are specially prepared to help improve the well-being of people affected with Alzheimer’s and be fully operational for support personnel.

“We started to investigate in the field of CLT and chose Egoin because they were very straightforward and down-to-earth. From the very first moment they solved our queries and helped us with the calculations required“, says Sofía Oliva, architect at GCA Architects.


  • Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)
    Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)
  • Km0 Wood
    Km0 Wood


  • Tipo de madera


  • Superficie

    1100 M2

  • Volumen

    420 m3

  • Periodo de construcción


Equipo de trabajo

Estudio de arquitectura
GCA Architects (Sofia Oliva)

Fundación Rosa María Vivar

Fundación Rosa María Vivar